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Special Pet Grooming Services

Spoil and soothe your pet with one of our special pet grooming services.  Our Newburgh pets LOVE these special treatments!


Want extra velvety softness?  We can add a conditioning rinse to shampooing.  Tames wiriness and helps skin release loose hair. 

Skin Treatment

For pets with dry skin, hot spots, allergies, or any other skin irregularity.  This special service leaves your pet’s skin refreshed and the coat velvety soft.  We add our special conditioning products to the regular shampooing to clear buildups that can cause discomfort and odors.  The mixture is on your pet a full five minutes before rinsing. 

Odor Buster

For extra stinky dogs and cats.

Because he got extra dirty while playing, he rolled in unmentionables, or it’s been a while since her last groom:   An Odor Buster service can fix that.

We add an all-natural odor neutralizer to regular shampooing and let it soak a full five minutes to absorb offending odors.  Your pet will be fresh as a daisy and soft as a cloud.


Give yourself a break!  Get a de-shed service today and put away your vacuum.  We spend extra time and effort with professional deshedding tools to gently but effectively pull out loose fur.  If only fur were dollars!

Teeth Brushing

Using an all-natural, tasty paste, we will gently brush your pet’s pearly whites.  Added bonus for you – fresh, minty breath.

Flea and Tick

Pets with fleas and/or ticks in the salon will receive this treatment. 

We add an all-natural parasite control product to regular shampooing, and extend the shampooing for ten minutes. 

This non-toxic formula kills fleas through dehydration.  Without their protective exoskeleton, most drown during the bathing process, and the remaining die within days.  It also works as a sanitizer and targets ringworm and other fungi on the skin.

Person Brushing Dog's Teeth

Nail Grinding

For an extra smooth nail finish, add a nail grind.  Great for floors, clothing, and legs!

Nail Caps

Want full protection from scratching?  Consider applying nail caps.